International conference "THE EUROPEAN QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORK LINKING TO A GLOBALISED WORLD", European Parliament, Brussels, 29-30 January 2009
The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) has been conceived as an instrument to promote internal mobility within the European single market in support of the goals of the Lisbon Strategy. However, the EQF does have the potential to connect with the international community outside of the EU by being parallel to developments elsewhere in the world. The first ever global conference on EQF conference to be held in the European Parliament on 29-30 January will explore this external dimension and provide an opportunity for exchanging views on different experiences of frameworks and to build partnerships with international stakeholders.
The conference is a collaborative activity of the European Training Foundation, Cedefop, and the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission. It supports the work of the European Qualifications Framework Advisory Group established by the European Council and the European Parliament to facilitate the implementation of the EQF. The Chair of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the Parliament, Mr. Jan Andersson, will host the conference at the European Parliament, and the conference is patronised by the EU Presidency of the Czech Republic.
By bringing together policymakers, officials and experts from across the world, this event will specifically consider the role that qualification frameworks based on learning outcomes can play in improving the transparency of qualifications in the context of increasing mobility, as well as looking at the implications of the EQF and national or regional qualification frameworks as international reference points. In doing so it will look further at the learning outcomes approach as a ‘common language’ for describing and comparing qualifications internationally and the EQF as a platform for dialogue on increased co-operation between national and regional qualifications systems.
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Conferenza internazionale dal titolo "Quadro europeo delle qualifiche con link a un mondo globalizzato", il Parlamento europeo, Bruxelles, 29-30 gennaio 2009. Il Quadro europeo delle qualifiche (QEQ) è stato concepito come uno strumento per promuovere la mobilità interna all'interno del mercato unico europeo, a sostegno degli obiettivi della strategia di Lisbona.  Per saperne di più: Conferenza Agenda, Quadro europeo delle qualifiche, le informazioni, il Cedefop.