03 janvier 2009

Slovakia : Continuing vocational education and training (CVET) for adults

There is a long tradition of adult education in Slovakia, however, with a focus on serving adult learners’ personal interests rather than increasing their employability. Continuing vocational education and training (CVET) was originally provided predominantly at training centres linked to enterprises and branch industries. In the early 1990s the two systems - adult education and CVET, underwent dramatic changes. Sectoral industry-affiliated CVET centres closed down or after privatisation, widened their scope of services beyond education and training. Similarly, traditional adult providers started to operate as any other private body offering education and training demanded by the market.
The Strategy of Lifelong Learning and Lifelong Guidance and Counselling till 2015 (Stratégia celoživotného vzdelávania a celoživotného poradenstva do roku 2015) was adopted by the government on 25th April 2007 however without elaborated tools and clear measures in support of LLL. The Strategy reflected trends in EU, the Lisbon strategy and Copenhagen process and recognise importance of adoption of Copenhagen principles and development of Copenhagen tools.
Education and training is offered within the National Programme of Education and Training for the Labour Market (Národný program vzdelávania a prípravy pre trh práce) elaborated and implemented by the employment services headquarters of the Centre of Labour, Social Affairs and Family (ÚPSVaR, Ústredie práce, sociálnych vecí a rodiny) and/or by regional offices, according to identified regional priorities (which should be included in the comprehensive Regional Training Plan) and through training providers selected by public procurement. Furthermore, agreement on training must be based on a specific procedure finalised by a written agreement. Both public and private providers are accepted.
According to § 153 of the Act No. 311/2001 Coll. the Labour Code (Zákon č. 311/2001 Z.z. Zákonník práce), as amended, an employer “shall attend to deepening the employees’ qualification, or to its increase ... employer shall negotiate with employees’ representatives measures aimed at attending to the employees’ qualification, its deepening and increase”. According to § 155(1) the employer can make a written agreement with the employee enabling “the employee for increasing his/her qualification by providing time off, wage compensation and reimbursement of other costs pursuant to study, and the employee commits himself/herself to remaining in an employment relationship with the employer for a determinate period upon completion of study, or to repay costs associated with the course of study, even when the employee terminates the employment relationship prior to the completion of study.”
Despite the developed CVET/LLL market, the share of adult population in training is insufficient. The reason for this is the low purchasing power of inhabitants.

Stratégia celoživotného vzdelávania a celoživotné usmerňovanie a poradenstvo až 2015 (Stratégia celoživotného vzdelávania a celoživotného poradenstva do roku 2015) bol schválený vládou dňa 25. apríla 2007 sa však bez nástrojov rozpracované a jasné opatrenia na podporu celoživotného vzdelávania.

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Le nouveau site web : http://www.apprentissage.gouv.fr/

L'adresse http://www.apprentissage.gouv.fr/ mène à la Délégation générale à l'emploi et à la formation professionnelle sur le site du Logo MINEFE. Il ne faut bien sûr pas la confondre avec la page "Regard sur les dispositifs emploi et formation professionnelle", ni même avec la page "Formation professionnelle" sur le site du  Ministère du Travail, des Relations sociales, de la Famille et de la Solidarité.

C'est peut-être plus clair en japonais :

のサイトにつながる ロゴMINEFE
。それ、もちろん、サイト上の"訓練"は、 "表示デバイスの雇用と職業訓練 " 、あるいはと混同されていません 労働部は、社会問題、家族と連帯

Ou bien plus limpide en coréen : 주소 http://www.apprentissage.gouv.fr/ 일반 위임 고용 및 사이트에 대한 직업 훈련에 대한 단서 로고 MINEFE. 그것은, 당연히의 사이트에있는 "교육" "보기 장치 취업 및 직업 교육", 혹은 심지어와 혼동해서는 안된다 노동부, 사회 실무, 가정과 연대.

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