Adult education within the school system offers full and part-time learning opportunities for adults who could not obtain a formal school graduation certificate of a certain level or an OKJ qualification during their compulsory schooling, or who want to attain a higher level or more specialized qualification. This kind of education is offered by public and higher education institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Their training programmes offered to adults do not in general differ from the regular full time courses in terms of objectives, structure, main content, or the awarded state recognized qualifications, except for the postgraduate programmes. Postgraduate specialized programmes and doctoral degree programmes target higher education graduates to provide them more specialized or higher level training.
Assisting unemployed people and others endangered by unemployment is the prime duty of the Public Employment Service (Állami Foglalkoztatási Szolgálat, ÁFSZ) whose regional labour centres (regionális munkaügyi központ) support the training of these target groups from sources of the employment sub-fund of the Labour Market Fund. In addition, the training of unqualified adults and older people to obtain a state-recognized vocational qualification, and the vocational, general and language education of people living with disabilities can be supported by the state budget through per capita support (normatív támogatás).
The state regulates by legislation the mandatory further training system of employees in the public sector as well in some fields of the private sector where the nature of work – for example, for safety reasons or because of the constant change of regulations - necessitates it (e.g. in occupations related to gas production and services, commerce of plant and animal health chemicals, professional drivers, bookkeepers and auditors, professional hunters, etc.).
According to the adjusted calculation of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour based on the available adult training statistics, around one third of the participants of registered adult trainings, 100 000 persons, finance their own training.    L'educació d'adults en el sistema escolar ofereix a temps complet i parcial oportunitats d'aprenentatge per a adults que no podien obtenir un certificat de graduació de l'escola formal d'un determinat nivell de qualificació o un OKJ durant la seva escolaritat obligatòria, o que volen assolir un nivell més alt o més coneixements especialitzats .