16 novembre 2008

Financing Adult Education for Development

June 23-24,2 2009, Bonn, Germany
1. The Conference
The conference will bring together key representatives, decision makers and practitioners in adult education and lifelong learning from the South, East and West with representatives of donor agencies, ministries, development banks and foundations. Additionally, experts and representatives of international organisations, professional agencies, research institutions and other actors working in the field of development oriented education policy will be invited.
2. Why this Conference?
Education for All (EFA) targets improved access, quality, and gender parity of the education, learning and training sector. All these initiatives should have a direct or indirect impact on the development of adult education as well. However, in most of these processes our field is playing a marginal role only. This is especially true for the EFA framework, which almost read as "Except For Adults". The Fast Track Initiative (FTI) has even up to now no component to support youth and adult literacy. On the other hand, several interesting developments and initiatives could be witnessed in the global lifelong learning movement for the last decade: linking literacy to livelihood skills training and social issues, the genesis of HIV/AIDS prevention, the revival of target group and labour market oriented vocational Bonn Conferences on Adult Education and Development education and training (VET), the transformation of universities in lifelong learning institutions and many initiatives for cooperation between civil society and the governmental sector are only a few examples.
3. Broad Objectives of the Conference
The objectives for the event are:

  • To reflect on the impact of recent development policies and financing mechanisms to strengthen youth and adult learning in the South
  • To discuss the challenges development policy is facing and to identify the role and the needs of adult and lifelong learning in this context
  • To share best adult learning practices and experiences in development action and programmes
  • To create a possibility for networking between actors in adult education and major donor agencies

4. Conference Organising Committees
The conference planning and organisation will be through a committee including representatives of all partners: Paul Belanger of ICAE, Gina Ebner of EAEA, Maria Almazan Khan of ASPBAE, and Heribert Hinzen of dvv international. www.dvv-international.de www.icae.org.uy www.eaea.org www.aspbae.org
Educazione degli adulti di finanziamento per lo sviluppo. Educazione per Tutti (EFA) obiettivi di migliorare l'accesso, la qualità, la parità di genere e l'istruzione, l'apprendimento e la formazione del settore. Tutte queste iniziative dovrebbero avere un impatto diretto o indiretto sullo sviluppo della formazione degli adulti, come pure. www.dvv-international.de www.icae.org. Suite...

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