09 novembre 2008

ALADIN, the Adult Learning Documentation and Information Network, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

ALADIN, the Adult Learning Documentation and Information Network, has been established to support networking and capacity building between documentation centres and libraries in the area of adult learning and literacy.
ALADIN is working towards facilitating global access to information and documentation on adult learning and serving as an information broker between researchers, practitioners and policy makers by:

  • sharing relevant information on adult learning;
  • correcting the uneven distribution of adult learning documentation and information resources;
  • providing training in adult learning knowledge management.

Today it comprises of 95 documentation centres in 47 countries in all regions of the world, with some being complex university libraries and research units, some being small NGO resource centres and others being virtual collections.
Contact: Lisa Krolak, ALADIN Co-ordinator UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning,
Feldbrunnenstrasse 58
20148 Hamburg
Tel.: (+49) 40 44804133, Fax: (+49) 40 4107723, l.krolaPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTk@unesPLEASE@REMOVE_THIS.TEXTco.org.

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