07 août 2008

Congrès international de l’IFFP sur la recherche en formation professionnelle

VET Congress 2009, Berne/Zollikofen, 25-27 mars 2009
The 1 st Interdisciplinary Congress on Research in Vocational Education and Training in Switzerland.
This congress will be an opportunity not only to present your own research work but also to communicate and discuss research issues with other colleagues in the field.
Within the last 10 years, Vocational Education and Training (VET) became for many countries an increasingly important issue in policy making in upper secondary education. VET systems and their functions are closely linked to the political, social and economic context of a society. The organisation and the performance of VET systems give rise to discussions and debates about social integration and access of young people to the labour market, which in turn lead to questions about heterogeneity, quality of educational systems, efficiency, equity, skills needs, etc., all of which are important aspects of VET policy.
In many European countries VET has a long tradition and a huge impact on the educational system. In Switzerland more than two third of the young people enter the labour market by going through a VET program providing best opportunities for an excellent professional career.
For the congress we invite researchers working on central topics in VET to present and discuss their research findings with international experts and to contribute to a VET-related network of scholars and researchers. Policy makers are given the opportunity to learn more about current research questions and findings with respect to VET in other countries. 

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