20 juillet 2008

Colloque "Lifelong learning in higher education", Poitiers, September 18-19

EADTU Annual Conference 2008, Poitiers France 18-19 September 2008.
Moving from an information society towards a knowledge society requires facing the challenge of lifelong learning as a continuum from initial education to higher education and adult continuing education.
Conventional universities have difficulties in effectively responding to the lifelong learning paradigm. What can be the strategy to reach a vast number of potential lifelong learners having different backgrounds, origins, education, professional training and experience?
Au programme : "Open educational resources in a lifelong learning context"
Chez les intervenants : Valérie Pécresse, Minister of Higher Education and Research, France (to be confirmed) The French EU presidency and lifelong learning Under the French EU Presidency a charter for lifelong learning will be issued.
Adama Ouane, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, Germany, Lifelong learning in a global perspective: how can Europe contribute to knowledge development and lifelong learning in other continents ?
Jean-Michel Lacroix, Rector of CNED, France, Welcome and address: Lifelong learning in France.
George Ubachs, Managing Director, EADTU, the Netherlands, Quality assurance for Lifelong Learning in Higher Education.

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