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13 avril 2008

EurOccupations international expert conference, 21-22 May 2008, Marseille

The International Expert Conference 2008 will take place on 21-22 May in Marseille, France, at the Holiday Inn Avenue du Prado. The conference is open to interested parties and no entrance fee will be charged; travel and lodging are at your own expense. If you wish to attend the conference please contact
Synthesis of the object and content of the expert session
Education is probably one of the occupational fields more exposed to cultural, political and administrative criteria. That factors provoke a remarkable diversity in certain occupations among different countries. For example :
The occupational type ‘Post Secondary Education Teacher’ seems to be an existence very different
In certain countries the profile of university professor includes reserch, and the only researchers are transverse to university and other institutions
In certain countries, the occupational differences between teachers and managers of educational centres are little.
In the area of human resources, the profile of the technician (or medium-high professional), seems more clear that of the clerk. The information technologies have led to integrate many tasks that before demanded a great administrative work, and have made so easy the execution that they can be carried out by clerks or by technicians.

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