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1 novembre 2018

3 Share Nobel in Chemistry

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Three researchers this morning were named winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work in which they "harnessed the power of evolution." Half of the prize was awarded to Frances H. Arnold of the California Institute of Technology for work on "the directed evolution of enzymes." The other half was split between George P. Smith of the University of Missouri at Columbia and Gregory P. Winter of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, in Britain. More...

1 novembre 2018

LSAT Will Go All Digital

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The Law School Admission Test will be all digital, abandoning its traditional paper-and-pencil approach, starting after July 2019. More...

1 novembre 2018

The 'Tyranny' of the Top 5 Economics Journals

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Economics is a field in which there has long been a strong hierarchy among journals. A new study by the National Bureau of Economic Research finds strong evidence that publishing in what are generally considered the top five economics journals appears to have a strong influence on tenure decisions in highly regarded departments. More...

1 novembre 2018

Harassment at the Annual Meeting

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Historians join political scientists in documenting the unprofessional and illegal behavior women experience at annual gatherings. More...

1 novembre 2018

3 Share Nobel Prize in Physics

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Three researchers were this morning named winners of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics for inventions in laser physics. Half of the prize was awarded to Arthur Ashkin of Bell Laboratories for his work on "optical tweezers and their application to biological systems." The other half of the award, for "their method of generating high-intensity, ultra-short optical pulses," goes to Gérard Mourou of École Polytechnique, Palaiseau, in France, and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and Donna Strickland of the University of Waterloo, in Canada. More...

1 novembre 2018

Judge: Harvard Trial Should Proceed

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. A federal judge on Friday cleared the way for a full trial on a suit charging Harvard University with illegally discriminating against Asian American applicants. More...

1 novembre 2018

Test-Optional Momentum

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Bowdoin is about to hit 50 years without requiring SAT or ACT. More colleges are following suit, and University of California announces it will study whether value remains in admissions testing. More...

1 novembre 2018

Cuts to Humanities Majors at Lebanon Valley

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. Lebanon Valley College has announced plans to end what it describes as "low-enrollment majors" in French, German, philosophy and religion. The college says tenured faculty members will not lose positions and some courses in these areas will continue to be taught. More...

1 novembre 2018

Little Progress Seen for Women in STEM in Film, TV

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The last decade has seen little progress in the portrayals of women in science and technology roles in film and television, according to a new study by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media at Mount Saint Mary's University, in California. More...

1 novembre 2018

Anger on Nooses and Tweet at South Alabama

HomeBy Scott Jaschik. The University of South Alabama announced that a student has been suspended for putting up two nooses outside a campus dining hall. Many were outraged by the nooses -- and tensions grew when an employee of Aramark tweeted about the nooses. More...

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